Feb. 26th, 2017

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As has happened before, I had to wrack my brain a bit to remember what all we've been doing in the last week. Is it age, do you think, or just being busy beings?

Anyway, Sunday last we spent the day with Jonni and Tina, going to a showing of Allegiance in Long Beach. It was a filming of the play which among others starred George Takei. It deals with the internment of Japanese and Japanese-Americans during WWII and the difficult choices that these people were forced to make. As I'm not typically fond of musicals, I hadn't made an effort previously to seek out the show; as a history nut I was intrigued. In the end it was enjoyable, and I was glad that the four of us were able to go see it.

After the show there was a Peruvian restaurant just about next door to the movie theater, and we had a really tasty meal there.

The rest of the week blurred by. I'm still very happy with my not-quite-so-new-as-before job, but one thing this week really told me that I'm making a difference. I had a new patient in the middle of the week (not that that is such an odd thing) who was seeing me on a cash basis (again, not odd). The strange thing is that he has Kaiser insurance. Apparently, he's had severe difficulties controlling a particular disease, a problem that he shares with one of his good friends. That latter person has been coming to me for some months and together we've been able to get his trouble under control. He shared that news with his friend, and the fellow has come to me to get treatment, even if he has to pay out of pocket! I hope I can help him, but it's quite a compliment...

Yesterday for the first time in many months I ran a D&D game (5th Edition); most of my regulars had other things that they had to do, but we still had a bunch of folks here, several new to my games, and one new to D&D at all! I know that *I* had a lot of fun, and I hope everyone else did, too. We're going to try to shoot for monthly hereafter, especially as the crew is not quite done with their mission.

Today is going to be a Dungeonmaster episode. See you there?
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This was not a big week for reading. I worked fairly late a couple of times this week; one of the books that I finished I only did so by staying up past 1 AM one night because I really wanted to find out how it ended.

The first book I read was Osprey New Vanguard #27: Panzerkampfwagen III: Medium Tank 1936 – 44. It did a fairly good job of giving the history of the development and use of this weapon system by the Wehrmacht in WWII. Not bad, especially in comparison to the immediately previous read about the Light Panzers.

Then the other book of the week, A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore. A man finds himself becoming Death, or at least a death dealer in a world about to be invaded by ancient death dieties. I found this to be a really fun read; in fact as I've been reading Moore's books over the last few years I've been enjoying his works more and more (Moore & Moore?). In this era bereft of PTerry, I'm delighted to have found a person who though he might not be Pratchett, gives me a Pratchetty feel to the works and I have several more of his books to read before I catch up. Fun!

On to the week...


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