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It's been so long since I last posted, I'm sure to miss out on some critical things that we did. I'll try to peg them all, but I'm not hopeful that my memory will manage here.


The Monday of Memorial Day we spent the evening at the Ground Control Anniversary event at Union, so that was pretty delightful. We hung with a few folks, sang at a distance (not on stage), and came home happy.

The next evening was a delightful dinner with the Axelsens. Good food, and good conversation.

Later in the week we had the opportunity to go to an early showing of Wonder Woman, a film that we really enjoyed. I urge anyone who hasn't gone yet to get out there and see it!

That Friday night we went out with a couple that we've newly met, the owners of the equestrian center where Bridget has been enjoying some horse camaraderie. Once again we had a wonderful time, with tasty food and interesting talk.

Sunday was the get-together with my sister Laurel for her birthday, and she wanted a stroll through the Huntington Library, and lunch there. It was a lovely day, and we spent time in a variety of the gardens as well as seeing a display of materials from the author Octavia Butler. I put in several miles of walking there...

Last Thursday night we got out to do the weekly food truck event at Gate One of the Fairplex. I had a delicious lobster roll, followed by a dessert crepe from a different truck. It's a beautiful setting with plenty of parking.

I had to work Saturday, but when I got home our friends the Archers showed up to take us to a restaurant called Neptunes in Artesia; the food once again was very good. Following that, we went to a horse auction where my wife was disappointed that the prices were a bit on the ridiculous side.

Next Sunday is a Guardian episode at Dungeonmaster, and I encourage you to join us!
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