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I felt weird most of this week; I think much of that is due to having had to have a root canal early in the week and because of my intense gag reflex, I was forced to be put under anesthesia. It was done very professionally, but I still have to go back for a crown.

I shared a really good comedy piece via Netflix streaming called Homecoming King by Hasan Minaj, a correspondent for The Daily Show. It's a brilliant piece of work of standup that was very personal and topical about the immigrant experience in the last few decades. Well worth seeing.

We also finished watching the first season of Homeland via Netflix disc. I'm really not sure how I feel about the season, but we'll be starting season two soon.

I also dabble a bit with Amazon Prime. Originally I downloaded a number of video files to my iPad, but it appears that Prime only allows you a certain amount of time to see those files before they delete themselves. I blew through several shows that I didn't find as interesting as I had hoped; I also watched some episodes of a show about people restoring armored vehicles of historic interest. I also touched on Fortitude and The Man in the High Castle but I'm not sure if I'll continue them.

Yesterday we went to the Norco Equestrian Academy where Bridget has been getting some horse refreshers because they were having a trail ride with a light lunch. I helped set up the lunch at a park up in the Norco hills with one of the owners of the Academy and then helped again with takedown. Afterwards, I had a chance to bit of walking down memory lane, in that when I was a child occasionally on Sundays after Suncay school we would drive twenty miles north to Milwaukee to have a late lunch at Bob's Big Boy. Well, there's one in Norco, one of only five left in California apparently, and so I had myself a hamburger just like I would have fifty years ago. The major difference was that the Big Boy statue outside was wearing a cowboy hat (or course, in Norco). A few more adventures one way or another thereupon ensued, ending in play with the new kitten.

Today is Memorial Day. I find myself recalling the Veterans who I've known as friends, and who I've treated as patients who served their country in ways civilians can hardly understand. To those who lost their lives, thanks are hardly enough, but from me, you have them.
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