Jul. 9th, 2017

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This week's reading has a bit more variety to it.

The first book that I finished was Tanya Huff's The Truth of Valor in which the protagonist hunts down space pirates to recapture her kidnapped companion. I have to say that this isn't the best of this particular series though it's quite readable.

Next one was Osprey Warrior #77: French Soldier in Egypt 1798 – 1801, the army that Napoleon abandoned to its fate. Solid information about something of a sidelight in the Napoleonic Wars.

Then I finished up Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E., a graphic novel by Warren Ellis which must have been intended as a parody of superhero comics. I'd call this one a lesser read; I like most of Ellis' works better than this one.

Next was Osprey Warrior #78: US Army Tank Crewman 1941 – 45: European Theater of Operations 1944 – 45 which for this series was a bit unusual in that instead of describing the warrior and his milieu in general, this author looked at one specific tank officer and his units and followed them through training to the end of the war. Not exactly what I'd expect from this series. Not bad, not great, slightly odd.

Then I finished reading a book on my iPhone, And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails which for the subject matter was an interesting read. I found that it gave me insight into aspects of rum that I hadn't previously been aware of. Worth a read, if you tipple that particular poison.

Next was Osprey Weapon #11: The Beretta M9 Pistol, the handgun adopted by the US military when they finally set aside the .45 Automatic. The book appears to do a good job of discussing the overall controversies of this weapon's adoption.

Finally, there was Osprey Weapon #20: The M60 Machine Gun which goes into some detail about the development of American machine guns before dealing with the specifics of this one. Pretty solid.

And there's the lot. More when I have time to post...
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This whole week has been strange what with a day off in the middle for Independence Day. Then the next day was fretful when my beloved wife was riding a horse who tripped and fell on her; next thing you know she's in a splint and very uncomfortable.

On the good side, we had a wonderful dinner with the Phillipses at a restaurant that we've long enjoyed in Claremont. Excellent food and conversation made for a nice evening.

I did work yesterday; since my new job I've worked a total of two Saturdays and no Sundays. Amazing...

Today we'll visit my sister and her family in honor of my nephew who has graduated from the University of California, or as most of the state says: Berkeley. He's soon to start a job in San Francisco and I wish him the very best (even if he never reads this).

One thing that has kept us amused is the antics that the two kittens get themselves up to. Both of them appear to like us very much which is pleasant, and something of a change. Even when we don't share the room with them, we can hear them thundering around chasing each other. I know, it's an exciting life.

And on to the new week...


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