Apr. 30th, 2017

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The last few weeks are a complete blur in my mind. We were doing a vast number of things in preparation for yesterday's event at our home, and not completing everything that we were trying to do. The fruit trees are in, the yard is prepped, the new couch is in the den, and the old one is out in the yard for comfy seating, cooking has been and gone. Cleanup? Well, there's still a couple of hours worth of work to do with that, to be honest. Duck bones are being made into stock for the upcoming year...

Somewhere in the mess we watched a couple of Netflix discs: Trumbo which was a good film; also Passengers which was pretty stupid.

Friday night two friends of ours, Stacy from San Jose and Tom from a Chicago suburb flew in to join us for the next day's festivities. They were both instrumental in getting the final polish on our yard/house for the event.

Yesterday we were a bit worried because we were having a wind storm the evening before and in the morning and we were having trouble setting up for Carnivore's Feast. The winds died down pretty much just as we started having folks arrive and so though the temperatures were higher than they've been the last few years, all-in-all our festival turned out fun. Turn-out was the lowest its been for some years but I'm not disappointed in that it meant that each individual got more of my attention and I wasn't forced to cook the whole time. Lovely party, and I'm glad that we had so many friends new and old who could attend.

Today then will be devoted to cleaning and recovery. Heavy on the recovery.
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I tried, I really tried, but I couldn't get into the book I was asked to read. I'll have to send a report to the author, and I'm embarrassed about it.

Anyway, here's two weeks of reading other books that I actually finished. Let's start with Osprey Vanguard #33: German Light Panzers 1932 - 42, an older book on the subject which was reasonably good reading. Follow that with Osprey Vanguard #37: Modern Soviet Combat Tanks, modern for the date of publication, somehow it didn't quite gel for me.

Later I read Osprey Campaign #44: Pavia 1525: The Climax of the Italian Wars, not as interesting as I'd hoped for; then The Complete Tales from the Con, not really a graphic novel but a collection of funny drawings about typical events, heavily exaggerated, at comic conventions. If you're a fan, it's a fun read.

Then there was Osprey Elite #57: The Royal Marines 1939 – 93 which I found to be a solid read about the regiment's relatively recent activities. Follow that with The Hogwarts Collection Volumes 1 – 3, a bunch of quick writings which go into more details about the backgrounds of a number of characters as well as other bits of history from the Harry Potter series. Eh.

Finally I finished reading another Osprey, this one being Osprey Fortress #62: Soviet Field Fortifications 1941 – 45. The detail in this one was pretty fascinating.



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