Mar. 5th, 2017

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I had the time for a bit more reading this week, and it shows.

The first book I finished deals with a part of the history of the American colonies that I can't recall my schools ever covered. This was Osprey Raid #46: Montcalm's Crushing Blow: French and Indian Raids Along New York's Oswego River 1756. Seems to me that whole era gets short shrift, with vague statements that some of the Continental Army had experience in this war. Therefore, I found myself reading this Osprey a bit more deeply than I often do. Pretty good...

Next was In Your Dreams by Tom Holt. This is a moderately contemporary fantasy/humor book about a clerk who works for a magical firm. A trifle confusing but rather amusing.

Then, Drive, a short piece by James S A Corey (actually two authors working together, but what can you do). The story describes what happened when a Martian (human living on Mars) engineer finds a way to markedly improve drive efficiency in spacecraft. I had just read the tale, when the TV show on Scyfy included a bit of it in that evenings presentation. I really like the various Expanse books and short stories I've read, this one included. Worth reading from the start, though this short story is actually a prequel to the main storyline.

Next book was Osprey Campaign #35: Plassey 1757: Clive of India's Finest Hour. Some folks that I've heard lecture on the topic feel that the wars that involve this campaign as well as the earlier raid book from today's post are part of the very first "world war". Here we have some of the fighting in India, or at least Bangladesh.

Finally, Osprey Elite #53: International Brigades in Spain 1936 – 39; this particular war was a prequel to WWII and it allowed the Germans and Italians to practice warcraft with their new toys (tanks, dive bombers, etc.). This particular book deals with the volunteers who came from a variety of nations trying to support the more socialist elected government against the fascistic Spanish elements. Solid read.

On to the next week.
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Forgot to mention that last week we finished watching the Netflix discs of the last season of Boardwalk Empire. Solidly good piece of work overall.

I hate to spoiler any of it, but if someone wants to discuss the show, let's get into it in the comments, and if someone else wants to see the show fresh, just ignore the commentary.
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This was a fairly big week as far as Netflix use was concerned, both with the streaming and the discs. Specifically, we seemed to have a thing about named movies.

First one we watched was Jason Bourne which I found pretty disappointing and nearly boring, the final car chase notwithstanding. They left things open for more, but I've had enough.

Then because friends had been talking up the sequel as well as the original, I pushed John Wick to the top of the Netflix queue and we watched it on arrival. I was very impressed; it was a much better movie than I had expected of it. It had my wife on her feet shouting at the TV screen at one point.

Last Sunday we had Dungeonmaster, a fun episode. As usual, that pretty much takes up the day, of course.

Yesterday, I was invited by Derek to join him at a lecture at the Planes of Fame air museum at the Chino Airport, where the discussion dealt with the use of various fighter aircraft by the fledgling Israeli military in the War of Independence. As a guest, they had one of the pilots who volunteered to fight for Israel, a man who had flown carrier aircraft off the USS Wasp during WWII. Specifically, much of the discussion dealt with the USAAF P-51s, and after the lecture a P-51 went up with the winner of a raffle as passenger and buzzed the airport repeatedly. Very cool! Following that, Derek and I met our wives for a late lunch. Great day...


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