Jan. 29th, 2017

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Work was busy this week, so not as much reading got done.

One book that I finished was Osprey Campaign #33: Aspern & Wagram 1809: Mighty Clash of Empires, a campaign that Napoleon didn't exactly win to his chagrin. Fairly well-written book.

The other was another in a series of novels set in Imperial Rome, various mysteries, this was the next most recent, Trade Secrets. These books by David Wishart have generally been enjoyable, and this one certainly is. I've already picked up the next (and most recent) book in the series to be read.
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Last Sunday afternoon into the evening was the take down crew for the Road to California Quilt Show. Bridget puts together a crew of volunteers to carefully take down and prepare for shipping the various beautiful quilts that were on display for the show, allowing said volunteers to get up close and personal with them. It goes pretty rapidly as we've got it down to a science. Afterwards we had some pizza with the Tacadenas and some of their friends who helped out. Nice times!

At some point this week, we finished watching season one of The Crown on Netflix streaming; oddly enough we are also watching Victoria on Masterpiece Theater on PBS so it's sort of a "compare and contrast" situation with two reigns more or less a century apart. So much has changed, but in the monarchy so much is the same...

Today is an episode of Dungeonmaster, so I hope we'll see you there!


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