Jan. 22nd, 2017

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A few more books finished this week, with progress on more that I'm likely to finish in the upcoming days.

The first book that I finished reading was a graphic novel of a title that started online called Delilah Dirk and the King's Shilling. The protagonist is a woman in the Napoleonic era who's quite the adventuress; in this one she's fighting to clear her name. Amusing.

The next one I read was The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. Now this one is a book of which I first became aware when I first signed up for LiveJournal, lo these many years ago. Several of the folks who had similar interests to mine commented on this author and this book specifically, and so I picked up a copy. I just had never gotten around to reading it. Finally, I've done so, and it was a fun read! The book is written about a British woman who is an investigator in a form of literary police protecting the integrity of various English works. It's hard to describe, and the alternate world takes some getting used to. Worth it, though.

Finally, there was Osprey Raid #44: Carlson's Marine Raiders: Makin Island 1942, one which wasn't much of a success though interesting in the use of submarines to bring the troops to the island. Not as good a book as some that I've read in this series.
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I really need to update at least twice a week as I can't recall exactly what it was I did last Sunday. Irritating. Oh, well.

At one point early in the week we stopped into a local steak place, Tony's Spunky Steer, that we used to frequent when we first moved into the area, but it had gone downhill at one point several years ago. A patient of mine recently had talked it up and insisted that things had improved and she was right! The food was good enough for future visits.

Monday night was the final night of Ground Control, the alternative/industrial/goth/whatever karaoke bar that's been nearly every Monday night for over a decade. A number of our friends and acquaintances have been attendees through the years, and so we would attend every once in a while, especially after it moved from LA to Glendale. The last night was packed and we hung out with a bunch of our friends, chatting, singing along with those brave enough to get on stage, and generally having fun. We were surprised by several folks who came in from out of town just to be there at the ending of an era. A very special night.

This week is the Road to California Quilt Show at the Ontario Convention Center and my beloved and I went to their Wednesday evening display of the quilts. As is usual for this event, the artwork is often astonishing and engaging. I spent part of my time scouting for problem quilts because today Bridget is in charge of takedown and I wanted to be ready for anything that might be difficult. We'll be going to the show in a few hours for a last look and to meet up with our crew.

Friday night we were invited to a dinner at the Archers with several of our friends. I had a rough day at work and we ended up arriving a little late, last of the attendees. Still, the company was wonderful with good food and good conversation. Then for dessert, suddenly there's this cake with candles and everyone is singing "Happy Birthday" to Bridget. We were shocked and delighted. Wonderful friends!

Just before we crashed for the night, it turned out that my youngest niece asked if my wife could pick her up to take her to the Women's March in LA. My spouse already intended to go, and a number of our friends were doing so and she hoped to meet up, so she got up especially early and drove to Northridge, picked up Sally, and went to the North Hollywood Metro station to take the train in, which worked fine. They had their adventures while I stayed home in case anyone needed to be bailed out, and did some bits and pieces around the house. I'm very proud of them, and all my friends who chose to make their opinions known.


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